Players explore a world contained within the pages of a storybook. Following the adventures of several Yoshi dinos, players must retrieve the Happy Tree from Baby Bowser. There are six chapters with over 4000 different routes to take.


  • Play as eight different Yoshis, including two unlockable ones.
  • Make your way through six differrent chapters
  • Depending on what actions you take during the game will result in different levels
  • A boss character at the end of each level will provide a new challenge every time you take them on
  • Adorable music score that really suits the feel of the game

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This game is so fun. Yoshis are so innoncent... YoshisStory N64
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Have it on VC. Great game! YoshisStory N64
Underrated... Easy, but fun. YoshisStory N64

To win, eat 30 fruit and don't get killed doing it.
Advanced players go for melons and...

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