WWF No Mercy Pro Reviews

Average Review Score: 8.3/10

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WWF No Mercy Reviews

website score publish date
ConsoleDomain  --- Jan 12 '01
Core Magazine B Jan 12 '01
Da Gameboyz 9.3/10 Jan 12 '01
DigitalSports 86% Nov 24 '00
Game Revolution B+ Dec 17 '00
GameCenter 8/10 Dec 08 '00
Gamer's Republic B+ Nov 16 '00
Gamespot 7.7/10 Nov 14 '00
IGN N64 9/10 Nov 13 '00
IGN N64 9/10 Nov 13 '00
Nintendojo 9.5/10 Jan 12 '01
PlayNOW! 7/10 Jan 08 '01
Sports Gaming Network 85% Feb 21 '01
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WWF No Mercy Previews

website publish date
IGN N64 Oct 16 '00
IGN N64 Nov 08 '00
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Game Revolution on Dec 18 '00

"While not a hugely better game than Wrestlemania, No Mercy does address many of that game's problems while bringing with it several refreshing features... the ability to throw weapons is about as..."

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IGN N64 on Oct 25 '00

"The ladder match will be just like what we see on the shows. The ladder itself will start off outside the ring and players will have to go get it. We're not sure if it will be under the ring or..."

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IGN N64 on Nov 20 '00

"No Mercy is as straight a sequel as you'll ever see. The main game engine is practically untouched; any gamer familiar with Wrestlemania 2000 or other games using the control system will be..."

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Nintendojo on Jan 12 '01

"WWF No Mercy is one of the greatest multiplayer games on the 64, and I highly recommend it to you, the wrestling and gaming fan. You will love it." "

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Sports Gaming Network on Mar 01 '01

"THQ once again has a solid wrestling titles on their hands. With such new additions as the ladder match, more in-depth championship modes, and new wrestlers, WWF No Mercy is definitely a good..."

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