Everything "Wrestlemania" is here right down to the theme music and mannerisms for all 50+ wrestlers, not to mention their signature moves. Or if you prefer, create your own wrestler from scratch including face, hair, clothes, taunts, and behaviours.

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Retro420 and 28 others own WWF WrestleMania 2000
Retro420 and 6 others played WWF WrestleMania 2000

While licensed video games have been known to suck pretty much since all those copies of E.T....

This game takes me back. It's awesome. WWFWrestleMania2000 N64
It's WCW REVENGE with the WWF franchise pasted on, plus expanded customization options. Including the first Create A Title feature. WWFWrestleMania2000 N64

If you are a fan of wrestling you must buy this game. It is right on par with the...


This game featured much better and the beginning of storylines.

I went to this event so...

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