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Bond comes to the N64 in the game based on the motion picture. Follow the plot through real-time 3D cinematics and exciting clips from the blockbuster movie. Improved precision targeting for your lethal arsenal of more than 20 weapons.


  • Fast, fluid action and spy-packed gameplay based on the film's exciting storyline
  • Progress through eight environments based on movie locales, such as a Russian submarine and the streets of London
  • Utilize more than 15 Q-lab weapons and gadgets to accomplish your goal
  • Meet recognizable movie characters such as Dr. Christmas Jones, M and Renard
  • Five different power-ups, including access cards, health, ammunition, weapons and gadgets

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Recipient of an IGN.COM Editors' Choice Award.

Added on: October 11, 2000

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When anyone mentions the words "James Bond" and "Nintendo 64" together, the immediate...

Still can't unlock Renard with a black suit... :( TheWorldIsNotEnough PS2
good game, n64 version was much better though TheWorldIsNotEnough PS2
Also have 007 Golden eye which isnt listed. TheWorldIsNotEnough PS2

I have seen people play the Cold Reception level over and over again even after...


The game was pretty good staying with the storyline of the movie. Obviously it strayed...


Graphics: Nice and sharp graphics, without the annoying gltiches from Goldeneye, but...


hgsss ssss ssss ssssss sssssssss sssssssssssss sssss sss sssss sssssssssssss sssssssss...


if you are thinking of buying this game and u liked goldeneye, perfect dark, and all...


"GoldenEye"... a hard game to beat, even for James Bond himself. However, handing the...


The single player is loosely based around the movie unlike Goldeneye. The facial...


When i got the game i was excited but after i rapped it in a hour i got bored of it

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