The sequel to WCW Vs. NWO: World Tour includes even more wrestlers, (over 60, including 50 WCW/NWO superstars) rings and options. Make use of the trademark grappling system in addition to new features like sprinting and sliding into or out of the ring. Go at it on licensed pay-per-view arenas, against the CPU or 3 other human opponents using the plethora of trademark moves.


Go through 5 different WCW Title tournaments which all consist of 8 different matches and win the respective titles. Handicap matches and the most famous battle royal is in the game which is simliar to a royal rumble except 4 people are in the ring at one time. Singles, tag matches with all the rules such as DQ, count out in the game.

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Jun 15, 09 7:14pm
One of the most solid wrestling games ever made. It's ugly to look at, but plays like a dream. WCWNWORevenge N64
Aug 15, 05 5:47pm
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Jun 14, 04 8:46pm
The most fun F1D0's had in any sort of fighting game. You can also grab weapons (bats, chairs, stop sign, etc.) from the audience... WCWNWORevenge N64
Apr 28, 03 8:53am

REVENGE, which was a better game than most people would like to say, had most of the...

Dec 26, 02 1:20pm
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