Super Smash Bros. Own / Want List

Username Comments
F1D0 F1D0 loves it!
megaman300037 None
KoolBrat None
Steelrunner None
cycoclash25 None
Cero None
Xoen None
Weird55 Only want to play this becasue I've played Melee and Brawl. I want to see if this is any good.
sllllotb None
DMooneyham253 None
D24 None
Neouser None
starbuck4619 None
ShibaruRyu None
poketopiamaster None
Neostar None
dmgkisapika112 None
ericrm1 None
hellcat638 None
EEZ None
greycloud007 None
DJS506 None
TheSn1per None
HyperSonAmyTails25 None
SkyePrower25 None
smokesmaniac None
Evan5567 None
MasterJediNiGHTS25 None
GreatAether None
GobbleBoy None
GamingMan None
JoeJoeRocko None
Jim Dureaux None
pkmn trainer None
PwnageMaster67 None
Aloia None
BlueOmega None
QueenKami None
AlterBridge1994 None
RBKenneth None
tobio6164 None