Starcraft 64 is a space driven real time action that brings together all the missions from the original StarCraft and the Brood Wars expansion pack plus all-new missions. Play one of three races: Terran, the mysterious Protoss or insectoid Zerg.

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Co-developed by Mass Media.

Added on: November 08, 2000

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This is more or less just to have. Multiplayer split screen is annoying but fun. Honestly I'd rather play PC anytime instead. StarCraft64 N64

This game is the best strategic game ever....better than WC3!!! Well since i have to...


All I can say is that the internet version is 100x better then this game and thats a...


This game is pointless to get if you already have the much better PC version or if you...


the controls don't work.
this game is a waste of time!
and it's a waste of money.


This game has all of the cool features of the PC vesion.

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