Based on the hit TV show, South Park is a zany shooting game. You play as either Kyle, Stan, Cartman, or Kenny and assorted weapons to destroy giant clones, crazed turkeys, and other enemies. There is also a four-person multiplayer mode that has more characters to choose from, and about 20 levels.


  • Choose to play as Stan, Kyle, Cartman or Kenny for the single player, or a wider cast for the multiplayer.
  • Play through the single player, broken up into five 'episodes', with a set of sublevels in each episode.
  • Take aim with a variety of unusual weapons, such as the cow launcher or snowballs.
  • Tackle hordes of enemies, including turkeys and aliens, at both minion and tank level.
  • Fight it out in multiplayer deathmatches, with various customizing options.
  • Experience the full South Park humour and style in this video game adaptation.

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Beginner/Intermediate skilled shooter game. SouthPark64 N64
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I hate this game. SouthPark64 N64
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Really crappy game but once you get into it its not that bad. SouthPark64 N64
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This game is one of my favorites on the N64, it has a brilliant multi-player mode in...

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Don't even buying this game! You'll be wasting your money on something that you'll be...

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South Park has been one of my favorite TV shows for a while now, and when I first...

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