Snowboard Kids Code Breaker Codes

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Make Races 1 Lap Long (N64) North America

D0122288 0000
80122288 0009

This code will make all of the regular 3 lap races only 1 lap long.

Always be in 1st Place (N64) North America

80122289 0000

This code will make it so that you're always in first place while you're racing.

Infinite Supply of Cash (N64) North America

801222EA C350

This code will give you an infinite supply of cash to spend at the snowboard store.

Obtain all Gold Medals (N64) North America

810ECA22 0101
810ECA24 0101
810ECA26 0101
810ECA28 0101
810ECA2A 0101
810ECA2C 0101

This code will give you all of the first place gold medals awarded by winning all of the races in first place.

Infinite Left Weapon (N64) North America

80122294 0003

This code will make it so that whenever you get a weapon, it will become infinite when you press the "Left" like normal to throw an item, it won't disappear, and you will be able to throw it again.