The year is 3000 A.D. Technology has advanced far beyond the capability of the ones that created it, and now the world is controlled by nine supercomputers. They have acquired many of the characteristics of humankind. Happiness. Sadness. Even boredom. In an effort to alleviate such boredom these supercomputers pursue an age-old and dangerous human custom - the sport of racing. Crafting highly sophisticated vehicles based on what they perceive as Earth's most fearsome creatures they race across many dangerous environments unleashing many weapons in the race for superiority. Welcome to the world of Super Computer Animal Racing Simulation (S.C.A.R.S.).


  • Make use of 1 of 9 vehicles based on Earth's animals, each with their own strengths and weaknesses.
  • Race across 9 different environments, ranging from ruins within a jungle to a futuristic track with plenty of sharp turns.
  • Unleash weapons and items to gain the advantage. Charge them up for even bigger effects.
  • Create your own custom cup, deciding on included tracks, weather conditions and the order.
  • Race against up to 3 friends in versus mode

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The year is 3000 AD. Life has we know it has changed and in our somewhat bleak future...

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