Resident Evil 2 Own / Want List

Username Comments
cobra2 Yup, I love this game so much, have the N64 version too
Chain Chomp None
Brokaliv None
Paper Mario Dude None
MattchuLB A great buy for the N64.
nsanehavok None
legendkiller_rko None
veyron259 None
SpartanAB25 None
P1k_a R_aT3 None
Billyjoe883 None
Zeta None
Ugozima None
NihilisticToast None
Leon745 None
Bl00dbitz13 None
Evilresident Good old fashioned zombie game. Fun to watch of it's to scary to play. Umbrella!!!
TrueToxicKlown None
bludeflame None
Ygredviper None
beboto None
deadriclady kristy None
RKO619 None
Gavo800 None
blackgbb None
reveka None
y2636 None
Master Killer None
guilmon 2712 None
EvilTediz597 None
Koolaid bro-ny None