A comedy boxing game featuring 17 flashy men and women boxers with an attitude. Each boxer has two taunts and an individual series of signature punches. Michael Buffer, the Voice of Champions, begins every match with his famous trademark yell "LET'S GET READY TO RUMBLE!"


  • Surreal boxing game

  • Choose from a variety of fighters

  • Each fighter boasts unique attack moves, such as spitting, groin punches, and head-butting

  • With the combination option, fighters string blows together in a spectacular offensive burst

  • For 1 or more players

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Lukas and 7 others own Ready 2 Rumble Boxing

This game is great whether you are a boxing fan or not. It is a good fun game...


This is a great game that came out. very creative names for the boxers and alot of...

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