Pokémon Stadium 2 Own / Want List

Username Comments
Gotenks None
Lesley Pro_04 None
Dark Arcanine None
Lukaeu None
Chobi None
Murray3 None
Mystery None
shadow dream keeper None
The Video Game Geek None
m_darkdrogon None
IDM None
billabong52 None
Double_En None
Giga Bowser None
scaryseizure None
Archangel None
Shadow12 None
Jak66 Better Than The First!
Seto Kaiba Not For Sale
SilverStoneTrainer None
Rheneas None
Bash Boy 54 None
bhh12345 None
chrisdoyle None
chimhazard001 None
Agua None
gamer1234515 This game is very good
cartersticks None
SwordsLink None
Zeig Elfheart None
Xoltar None
Asch None
somestrangeflea None
zelda_link None
sagemaster None
pk_9584 None
Doughedgehog Mega improved from the 1st one
Charizard0699 None
Klonoas_Gurl cool
timtam056 None
hamstar138 None
Storm None
mario girl None
Celes Leonhart None
Capoland None
BanjoKazooie Girl front scratched, but everything has been beaten, berries, and may have to blow the bottom first but somewhere around good
Cloudy Wolf None
Hikui Tora None
tropicaldolphin51 None