As the talented Pokemon photographer Todd, you're on a special assignment from renowned researcher Professor Oak to travel with him to Pokemon Island and capture the 60 or so breeds of Pokemon living there on film. Ride aboard the ZERO-ONE vehicle through 6 different environments and take pictures of all the Pokemon you see! Professor Oak will judge your snapshots at the end of each trip, as only the finest will do for his report!


  • Roll through 3D environments (on rails) and try to snap the very best possible pictures of various Pokemon characters.
  • Seven big levels and more than 60 Pokemon.
  • Players need to accomplish a number of different tasks before certain Pokemon will respond and pose for the camera. Interact with Pokemon by throwing objects at them, playing songs, etc.
  • Save 60 of your favorite photos to the save cartridge.
  • Loads of hidden characters and secret signs.

Editor's Note:

Not all the Pokemon from the first 2 Gameboy games are represented in Pokemon Snap.

Added on: November 22, 2000

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When I first heard of the game I thought it seemed so stupid. But, once I actually played it, I never new taking pictures could be so fun. PokemonSnap N64
This game's cartridge broke on me. PokemonSnap N64
Who would have thought that taking pictures would be so fun? PokemonSnap N64
A good game for puzzlers.. 7.4/10 PokemonSnap N64
Very original and funny game. I don't know why they didn't made a sequel. PokemonSnap N64
Nintendo SERIOUSLY needs to make a pokemon snap 2!!! with like, 300 pkmn to shoot! oh...and you get to WALK AROUND!!! PokemonSnap N64
Own the actual cartrige and the ROM for Project 64. PokemonSnap N64
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