Perfect Dark GameShark Codes (N64)

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Walk Through Walls (N64) North America

8002804B 0001
80028053 0001
80028057 0021
8002805B 0001
8002805F 0001
8002806B 00A1
8002806F 0001
80028073 0021
80028077 0001

Fast Joanna (N64) North America

8001AC0F 0000
8001AC1F 0080
8001AC4B 0081
8001AC5B 0001
8001AC6B 0081
8001AC7B 0001
8001AC8B 0081
8001AC9B 0001
8001ACAB 0081
8001ACB7 0001

All Gold In Firing Range (N64) North America

810A22B0 FFFF
810A22B2 FFFF

All Stars On Co-Op Missions (N64) North America

810A22A0 FFFF
810A22A2 FFFF
810A22A4 FFFF
810A22A6 FFFF
810A22A8 FFFF

Able To Use & Take Weapons Out Of The Firing Range (N64) North America

802C92C4 0020

All Doors Short Circuit (N64) North America

802AEF8C 0020

Lights Don't Give Off Glare (N64) North America

802D23F0 0020

Almost No Collisions (N64) North America

80285798 0001

Combat Boost Always On (N64) North America

8009A42B 0001

Hi-Resolution Enable Code (GameShark Pro version 3.3 or higher) (N64) North America

FF1EAE00 0000