The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Websites

Dec 09, 2002 By: DarkLink
A VERY good Zelda site with stuff for all games. A good source of pics too.
Hyrule: the land of zelda
Feb 09, 2006 By: gamez expert
A great site with walkthroughs, secrets, music and great graphics
Oct 05, 2000
Malon's Zelda Site
Jun 20, 2002 By: aggie162
It has game help, official art, animated gifs, music, and wallpaper of "The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time". It also has the same stuff for other Zelda games.
myths of hyrule
Jul 10, 2005 By: nutty6
amateur website but very good
Feb 02, 2009 By: zeldaocarina96
a detailed walthrough with screenshots and sections on heart piece and gold skulltula locations.
Dec 30, 2007 By: KeatonXZX
An advanced site filled with Zelda message boards, info, even comics! Come check it out!
The Master Sword
Jul 11, 2003 By: WolverineFan03265
The Master Sword is a site offering you everything you could have ever possibly needed to know on the Legend of Zelda series of computer games. with reviews, cheats, codes, walkthroughs and much more on the entire Zelda series.
The Oddesey of Hyrule
Dec 09, 2002 By: DarkLink
A VERY good zelda site with a walkthrough, cheats and all that yummy stuff.
The Odyssey of Hyrule 2000
Oct 24, 2002 By: Master Dan
Mainly glitches and mysteries about Zelda:TOOT. Also has walkthroughs, reviews, pictures and more.
Oct 05, 2000
Aug 05, 2006 By: rezegen
The best site for Zelda game glitches and cheats. Can also teach you how to fix your zelda game!
Mar 12, 2003 By: GoldAdvance
A site with LOADS of Zelda extras!
Zelda Gaming Online
Jan 31, 2003 By: DarkLink
Good all round Zelda site. Cheats Walkthroughs and other good stuff in there.
Zelda Planet
Nov 03, 2004 By: 0Zero0
Come here for all your Zelda needs!
Zelda Universe
Jun 20, 2002 By: aggie162
It has info about "The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time". It also has info about all the other Zelda games, too!
Jul 19, 2002 By: Celcius