Jak's The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Review

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Demonfurby Jun 7, 13
hahaha, this is getting killed. I agree tho. Game doesn't stand up nearly as well as people blindly say it does. Lttp, mm, ww and tp all play better and are better now than this. Not to say I still don't love it <3
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Jak Jun 9, 13
It's funny because the main point I raised in the review is that ambience aside, nostalgia is the only reason this game is something above merely playable. The (so far) 9 people who clicked dislike have proved my point. To be fair, you could say this about all post-LTTP Zelda games (maybe aside from the Game Boy games), but most of them also have some interesting mechanics to at least try and make the gameplay more involving. Plus Majora's Mask and Wind Waker up the ante in terms of ambience and storytelling so... yeah.
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LloydToS Jun 10, 13
I agree with this, I played OOT only a tiny bit when I was younger because I never owned it. It felt like a great game, however when I got my own gamecube with Windwaker and later on TP I realized that (in my opinion) both stood out, Windwaker being my current favourite (I have not played the new wii game). OOT is nice, it's just old now and no longer as amazing compared to other games out there.
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supertom236 Jun 10, 13
the 3ds port is a bit easier on the eyes, ironically enough.
i liked alttp better, but still, it stands up to most modern games. compared to generic tunnel FPS game #57 it is a magnum opus.

also, it still had a sequence break or two in it, which i would give bonus points for. most modern games crap all over themselves if you do something out of order that your not supposed to do.
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Insanity Prevails Jun 16, 13
Games like Doom and Super Mario Brothers age well due to timeless gameplay that remains fun to this day; games like this and Dragon Warrior age like shit because of how limited they are.

At least... this would age like shit if not for its other big strength, which is its ambience.
Reading the review does not give me the impression that you believe ambience is the only thing stopping the game from descending into aged shitville, like your statement here seems to suggest. You're too positive about various aspects of the game so I'm not sure what elements make you think the game would perform so poorly without this ambience you speak of.

You've highlighted some complaints and I can certainly agree on some of them made (that water temple can just go die) but none of them really seemed that significant to say to me "this game would suck because of this/these except ambience".
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Jak Jun 28, 13
Just edited the review with that in mind. Can't believe I forgot that much.