The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Completed

Username Completion Date Achievements
OmegaFury Nov 23, 2013 None
alexgamer99 Jan 1, 2010 None
kobora14 Jul 18, 2008 None
B dizzle Jan 1, 2008 None
Potato12321 Jan 1, 2008 None
VinnyVideo Dec 20, 2007 I completed the Master Quest version first, so this wasn't too tough.
majora15 Nov 10, 2007 I can't relly tell you the date I beat legend of zelda ocarina of time but it took me year's to completed it but now Iknow every thing about it
grimnington May 1, 2007 None
Zelda_Freak123 Feb 10, 2007 I just beat the game basically...
Weldar Jan 1, 2007 I finally beat the game on my 3rd playthrough, no real special acheivemeants though
GekkoGeck0 Jan 1, 2007 None
KeatonXZX Nov 7, 2006 i certainly beat the game no doubt about it. beat it 7 times, in fact! i could beat it more, but i'm getting to tired.
Relient K Jan 1, 2006 None
Sousuke Jan 1, 2006 it has a happy final
KurtisTrent Aug 1, 2005 None
maybe Jan 1, 2005 Um... not too many, but I got a pretty high score once on the gerudo's fortress, I'll have to go and see what I got.
SHADOWLINK13 Jan 1, 2005 I have totaly completed this game... totaly.
Twilight_Link Jan 1, 2005 I don't really know, the only thing i can remember is that i defeated Gannondorf, and had all Hearts.
nnkklo Jan 1, 2004 None
The Link Master Jan 1, 2004 GOT EVERYTHING
Shotgun_Striker Jan 15, 2003 i basically beat it in like that long it isn't that hard actually so i did it wen i was young
Holy Cloud Jan 1, 2003 If you can get it, I got it.
thefinalfantasy88 Jul 18, 2002 Completed Game 100%
Dave Young Jun 9, 2001 i love this game!!!!!!!! me and my sister beat this game!!!!!!!!!!
BananaMonkey123 May 18, 2001 All 4 bottles largest fish
Deathaz_Angle Jan 23, 2001 None
VercettiEstate Jan 1, 2001 None
Sa_X Jan 1, 2001 Obtained everything, except for the 20 hearts, I got 19 =(
Crystal Creation Jan 1, 2001 None
Conker the King Jan 1, 2001 None
Sykokiller Jan 1, 2001 None
Master of the VG Jul 4, 2000 [ul][li]All Heart Pieces [li]100 Gold Skulltullas [li]All Item Upgrades [li]Biggoron Sword[/ul]
ska8punk Apr 11, 2000 Probably the best game ever in my opinion!
Key zer Jan 1, 2000 caught Hylian Roach + got Biggoron's Sword
Gotenks Jan 1, 2000 None
FFXFREAK Jan 1, 2000 I loved this game, so I beat it 100%. Everything that was unlocked/hidden is now mine XD.
Gameplay Jan 1, 2000 Completed game and got all items.
CraZyBryaN Jan 1, 2000 Was long ago, I did beat it tho xD
DarkDragoon Jan 1, 2000 None
the_gerudo_warrior Sep 17, 1999 Got all Golden Spider tokens Beat all sidequests. Found all heart pieces Beat Ganon with all hearts and used no potions or fairies throughout the whole game.
Zhan Dathka Aug 3, 1999 None
angel of blood May 16, 1999 None
luigi jean Apr 1, 1999 None
Lesley Pro_04 Feb 25, 1999 First time around took me a while because of how difficult this game was in some spots. Even so, this is one of, if not, the best game(s) of all time. And I would definitely play this game again out of enjoyment.
dejamza Jan 26, 1999 all arrows, max bombs and magic, and defeated ganon the hardest way possible, with broken goron sword and iron boots on.
chaos Jan 1, 1999 I beat this back in '99, I think. Maybe it was the following year. The best game I have EVER played. I didn't 100% complete it until a few years later in 2004, but still...
dadark Jan 1, 1999 None
rezegen Dec 13, 1998 Beat the game for the 100th time. Got everything. Survived Human mode.
0Zero0 Nov 1, 1998 None
mcr_fan321 Jun 20, 1998 Finished the game. Collected all of the gold skulls. And my first completed game ever.