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Mystical Ninja is a comical game featuring the hero Goemon, his sidekick Ebisumaru, a flute-playing ninja named Yae, and a robot named Sasuke. They go on a wacky journey to save Japan from an evil troupe of dancers called the Momoyama Shoguns.


  • Explore through the vast, colorful 3D world of Japan.
  • Interact with many mystical characters and creatures.
  • Test your knowledge with a wide variety of puzzles.
  • Use your super-giant robot, Impact for extra help.

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this game is as good as it gets for n64 a huge world a great story and has one the hardest boss battles ever in a game MysticalNinjaStarringGoemon N64
It is a fun game, good replay value. MysticalNinjaStarringGoemon N64

What do you get when you remix Ocarnia of Time with a more Japanese mood, and add some...

Instant classic! Reminds me of Zelda: Ocarnia of Time with a Japanese mood to it! MysticalNinjaStarringGoemon N64

Mystical Ninja: Starring Goemon is a great game for those people who like adventure...


What a Great game!!! it's now three years since it's release but It's still hangin' in...


Just like I said it has awesome graphics and adventure! Filled with humor and fun!...

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