Namco Museum 64 Pro Reviews

Average Review Score: 7.0/10

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Namco Museum 64 Reviews

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Electric Playground 7/10 Dec 20 '99
Gamefan 75/100 Nov 30 '99
Games Radar UK 3/4 Nov 30 '99
GameSpot 7.4/10 Dec 03 '99
IGN N64 5.5/10 Nov 30 '99
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Electric Playground on Dec 06 '00

"As far as museum collections of videogames go, Namco Museum 64 is a good one. Games formative to the development of our obsession, one and all." "

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Games Radar UK on Dec 06 '00

"The arcade games have made a near-perfect translation to the N64, complete with sounds and music. "

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GameSpot on Dec 06 '00

"Few classic-game collections come close to providing such a strong lineup. The surest classic compilation to ever recommend." "

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IGN N64 on Dec 06 '00

"You either dig these games or you don't and so you should either purchase it or keep walking." "

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