Mortal Kombat 4 GameShark Codes (N64)

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Stay On Character Screen Forever (N64) North America

Stay On Character Screen Forever
800FE19C A3B4

Faster Fatalities / Undo Fatalities (N64) North America

Faster Fatality Finish
8114A94D 9700

Undo Fatalities
8014A96D 0000

Add Kitana To Player Roster (N64) North America

Add Kitana To Player Roster
800FE293 0010

Add 'Restart Match' To Pause Menu (N64) North America

Add 'Restart Match' Option To The Arcade Pause Menu
8004938B 0002

P1 Credits (N64) North America

Infinite Credits P1
810F8506 0063

No Credits P1
810F8506 0000

P1 Be Meat (N64) North America

P1 Always Meat
81126F42 0001

P1 Never Meat
81126F41 0000

Fake Max Health/Run (N64) North America

Fake Max Health P1
810FE736 FFFF

Fake Infinite Run P1
810FE044 0001

P1 Has 99 Wins (N64) North America

P1 has 99 wins
800FE27F 0063

'Fight!' Word Always Repeating (N64) North America

'Fight!' Word Always Repeating
8111DEBE 0001

Time Changes (N64) North America

Infinite Time
8010511B 0063

No Time
8010511B 0000