A four-player party game featuring popular Nintendo characters: Mario, Luigi, Princess, Donkey Kong, Bowser, Yoshi, and Wario. There are over 50 mini-games including racing, skill and puzzle games, and 8 different boards to play on.


- Up to 50 mini-games

- 6 playable characters

-6 boards to play in

-Buy items at the item shop, such as blocks, music etc.

- Mini game island. A place where you have a challenge to beat a number mini games

-For 1-4 players

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On Tuesday, December 10th, 2013, I discovered the Eternal Star Stage. I did not master this game until that very day. MarioParty N64
A good start to the series, I love this game MarioParty N64
Good game and the most difficult Mario Party. MarioParty N64
Original Mario Party was a winner. MarioParty N64
This game crafted some amazing memories for me. MarioParty N64
fun for d whole family!!! ***** MarioParty N64

Released in 1999 by Nintendo, Mario Party was Nintendo's attempt at a party game....

exciting game for anyone ! MarioParty N64
A simple game with great minigames but a terrible audio repository. MarioParty N64
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