Mario Party 2 is actually 64 mini games. Some are new and some are updated.


  • Play up to four players in the second game of the Mario Party series !

  • Play over 5 board maps and over 50 different mini-games, separated into six different game types.

  • Wear costumes and become part of the Story ! In each map, you have to defeat the evil king bowser, who will always try to conquer Mario's land

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May 15, 13 6:08pm
The best Mario Party on the N64, I own on both the N64 and Wii! MarioParty2 N64
Apr 05, 12 12:15am
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My favorite out of all the other 10. (Including the DS and GBA one.) MarioParty2 N64
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Good. MarioParty2 N64
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Very entertaining. MarioParty2 N64
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I remember renting this game over and over again when I was little. Once it was purchased, the magic seemed to die away but the fun... MarioParty2 N64
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Better than the original. MarioParty2 N64
Feb 01, 09 5:01am
Even better memories. MarioParty2 N64
Jan 21, 09 11:56pm
8.0/10 MarioParty2 N64
The wolf nmd Alex
Jan 19, 09 2:05pm
fun for d whole family!!! ***** MarioParty2 N64
Dec 07, 08 10:25am
Sep 15, 08 10:14pm
ultimate multiplayer game MarioParty2 N64
Aug 02, 08 1:44pm
A step up from the original game, better audio, but is very repetitive. MarioParty2 N64
Lost Soul
Jul 10, 08 1:24pm
Completed MarioParty2 N64
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