Mario Kart 64, the successor to the Super NES classic features 8 characters, 2 camera angles, 3 engine sizes, a 3-D version of the legendary Battle Mode, and all the usual surprises you've come to expect from Mario.


Players race as their favorite Nintendo Charecters. Do anything to make it to first place or stay in first place. Use items and weapons to take down your opponents. Mix and match both charecters and the kart wisely and make for the perfect racing team.


  • Choose from eight Nintendo characters: Mario, Luigi, Peach, Toad, Yoshi, Wario, Donkey Kong or Bowser.
  • Play through the Grand Prix, set records in Time Trial or challenge your friends in versus or battle play.
  • Race on 16 hazardous tracks across 4 cups or take on opponents on the 4 specially-designed battle tracks.
  • Fire off a multitude of weapons, from the basic shells and bananas to the devastating stars and lightning bolts.
  • Save up to 2 Time Trial 'ghosts' to a memory pak.

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The tracks were all memorable and fun too play on. MarioKart64 N64
The cool thing about this game is it doesn`t need unlockabes to be popular. MarioKart64 N64
If only it had unlockables, then I would play it more often MarioKart64 N64
posting up new forums daily and found ways to win easily MarioKart64 N64
it wasnt particuly special to me but it had great play value with friends MarioKart64 N64
Nice to have if your a major fan. MarioKart64 N64
broom broom ka-boom. MarioKart64 N64
All GP completed with gold trophies. MarioKart64 N64
Own the physical cartrige and ROM for Project 64. MarioKart64 N64
i want the rainbow road to have my babies xD MarioKart64 N64

Mario Kart 64 for the Nintendo 64. Is this one of the best Mario Karts out there?

4 out of 5. No comment. MarioKart64 N64
Another great game! This series is DEFINITELY a legend!! MarioKart64 N64
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8.6 / 10
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