Chad's Super Mario 64 Review

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Synthesis Nov 23, 07
Very imformative with lots of images and a video so I can check out the game in action. Nice work Chad and I hope you continue to write better reviews. Don't worry though, I'll catch up to you soon. =p
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Mishtram Nov 23, 07
Awesome review man! Love all the pictures, if there was a way for them to open into a new window, that would have been awesome. =D

Hope to see more from you. =P
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tomboyk003 Nov 23, 07
Wow Chad! That was one awesome review! Great use of images, and I'm loving the detailed descriptions! Listen, if you want me to make you thumbnails so you can have the images open up to a new window (like Mish suggested), just drop me a PM on my Fluidity account. Keep up the great work!