Super Mario 64 Completed

Username Completion Date Achievements
xtremegamer25 Oct 25, 2009 None
Mario1096 Mar 10, 2009 I just used a Cheat lol
weirdalrulez Jan 1, 2009 None
logan1120 Nov 20, 2008 120 stars.
KurtisTrent Nov 10, 2008 I beat this game with 120 Stars. November 10th, 2008 was the date I got all 120 stars. I beat the storyline many years ago.
angelbaby20 Aug 12, 2008 It took me a little while because I kept getting stuck on a few levels.
teleport5 Jul 1, 2007 hahaa, DEADLY game sure:) It confuses me though .. People say i can only have like 108 coins in Wet - Dry world.. but i can actually get 152.
Zelda_Freak123 Feb 21, 2007 Um, I just beat the game in 2hr. thats all i can say
hilol Jan 1, 2004 None
Dogsbaby Jan 2, 2002 Whoa, can't even rember most of it. But i beat bowser, i know that.
Knukles Da Echidna Jan 1, 2002 None
NinPower Jun 30, 2001 None
Lucky Gamer Jan 1, 2000 Only got it a few years after release, i was a baby when it got released... I beat it still.
DutchBudokai_Fan Jan 1, 2000 My first N64 game, and took me a while to actualy beat it, and yet I didn't even got all the stars, (But I think I could do that though, just don't feel like that anymore) I defeated Bowser got losts of stars, the first 3D console expierence was just amazing, this deserves a spot here...
Gotenks Jan 1, 1999 None
VinnyVideo Dec 19, 1998 Got all 120 Power Stars.
Deathaz_Angle May 2, 1998 None
Andy Jan 1, 1998 - All 120 Stars
Crystal Creation Jan 1, 1998 None
FFXFREAK Jan 1, 1997 [color=teal][size=1]Got all 120 stars, and 99 lives from Yoshi =P.[/color][/size]
chaos Jan 1, 1997 Beat this back in '97 with all 120 stars. I remember this game taking me months to beat; I was intent on beating it 100%, making sure I had everything.
DQ Maniac Jan 1, 1997 All 120 Power Stars. Collected all coins on each of the 15 courses.
Iconic Jan 1, 1997 None
non existent Jan 1, 1997 None
I_AM_BATMAN_01 Dec 31, 1996 None
SirBiznatchII Mar 27, 1996 I played it for a fair few days, but i done it in the end...i though getting all the stars would be more interesting
Nymosus No completion date None
YoshiStar No completion date None
SHADOWLINK13 No completion date I have totaly completed this game... totaly.
Chaos Seraph No completion date None
rezegen No completion date Got 120 stars. Beat every boss. Beat the rematch race with penguin.
Jaw Knee No completion date None
WWEfanHBK No completion date None
MattchuLB No completion date None
BlasterMage No completion date None
HomieLB No completion date None
MaxMan85 No completion date None
papermariofreak64 No completion date Pretty Easy :/
Meleekimy No completion date I have all stars and I'm able to see Yoshi on the Roof for the 99 lives.
KeatonXZX No completion date woo hoo!
GoldNBlack381 No completion date 120 Stars all caps collected yoshi found
stezton No completion date None
LEZARFD No completion date None
Aura No completion date None
Chain Chomp No completion date None
Giga Bowser No completion date None
Archangel No completion date None
Insanity Prevails No completion date None
Sonic_2 No completion date None
WireFrame No completion date None