Jet Force Gemini Own / Want List

Username Comments
Sykokiller None
nasty nappa None
Regard None
WishingTikal None
F1D0 Great, though it may take some getting used to. The multiplayer doesn't do justice to the game, either.
Bakuaru Lord None
SwordsLink None
Zeig Elfheart None
rachynymph None
FlawlessApe None
Lukas None
sorg88 None
omegamustard None
Joshua Mackley None
shrimp rock One of the best games ever
rawk hawk pawner 101 None
phx87 None
lowgravity65 ***
M3tal H3ad None
Ultra_Magnus None
Goldeneye Pro None
KoopaKid94 None
flashrider7 Okay
zeldachick10 None
danny_galaga None
simple_guy My first shooter I ever had at the age of three. Ants in pants!
UdaiTongpuTaxim None
RoyalXBlood None
chessmensean None
Machewman None
ilovemyroc None
UltimatBlitz None
mables None
Rayquaza72x None
kyodrako None
i am a person Why wasn't their a sequel!?
TwinTailedCat None
Admiral None
Aeolus426 None
Koolaid bro-ny None
Swampasaur None