It is December 2000, and the US President is coming to New York to sign a peace agreement with Russia. However, beneath the city, there are a race of genetically engineered clones ready to invade the city. As agent Diaz, you must uncover the plot of this secret society and destroy as many hybrids that you come across. With each kill, your skills and attributes will increase.


  • Role-playing stat management and a level-up system.
  • An advanced fighting style combo system.
  • Third-person adventure exploration.
  • Many different obstacles in your path, such as flaming barriers and traps.

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Hybrid Heaven is a (warning: crappy pun ahead) hybrid of many different genres of...


You play as Johnny Slater, a secret service agent who was cloned and sent to replace...


what da monnnnnnnggggg


This game is amazing. It has a great battle system as well as a great storyline. This...

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