Hey You, Pikachu! Own / Want List

Username Comments
Chobi None
Double_En None
Giga Bowser None
Jak66 Very Fun And Interactive!
Rheneas None
Lovedove None
Lugiaruls None
p4k7 It's ok...3 out of 5 stars...
DTX d('.')b
hamstar138 None
neomonkey None
Hikui Tora A bit childish, but the mircophone is fun. Pikachu can be frustrating at times.
Charlie None
Garouga None
Sullyone None
Meleekimy None
BradWest96 None
Empoleon1996 I fall in love with pikachu everytime I play this game!^^
Duckloaf312 Simple.
supertom236 None
Mightyena392111 None
Darklink557 None
neostelar0629 None
The Pokemon Love None
Lukaeu None
P1k_a R_aT3 None
superpokemonmaster37 None
7777777777444 None
turtwig master my favorite pokemon game
KoopaKid94 None
michaelsmply None
DeDeDe1310 None
TylerPandolfino None
Mutiny Slayer None
sparrowbird666 this is my kids game, never played before.
macdragon8 None
Gamewizard71 None
divinethedragonqueen None
Pokemon Z RPG None
Niemo None
Cheats man 75965 None
ilovenintendo Sort of annoying and pretty lame, but fun in the end.
Pichulover None
FatalisLord001 None
Pikachu Ninja None
Soquid Snake None
logan1120 this game is not fun.
SoulTiger None