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Duke Nukem: Zero Hour is a time traveling extravaganza that takes Duke to even greater heights of mayhem! Kick ass in this giant 32 MB game with 22 levels, 4 time periods, 25 killer enemies, 8 bosses and an arsenal of up to 20 all-new weapons. And multiplay up to 4 people


  • A full arsenal of weapons, including a Claw-12 Shotgun, Pipe Bombs, and Laser Trip Mines.
  • The TACS (Tactical Assessment Computer System), which helps you to find many secrets in the game.
  • Four different modes in Multi-Player.
  • Four-player deathmatching on a split screen in one of fourteen arenas.

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the only n64 duke nukem game i have, funny as hell DukeNukemZeroHour N64

This game has a great story line and brill graphics, the weapons are the best I have...


This is a great game! I bought it after renting it and still love it!

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7.9 / 10
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