Dr. Mario 64 Pro Reviews

Average Review Score: 5.8/10

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Dr. Mario 64 Reviews

website score publish date
Da Gameboyz 5.2/10 Jun 18 '01
Game Revolution C Apr 28 '01
Gamespot 7/10 Apr 12 '01
Happy Puppy 6/10 Apr 23 '01
IGN N64 5.0/10 Apr 11 '01
IGN N64 5/10 Apr 17 '01
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Dr. Mario 64 Previews

website publish date
IGN N64 Jan 29 '01
IGN N64 Mar 16 '01
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Game Revolution on Apr 30 '01

"...didn't we already try this medicine? Better get Lawyer Luigi on the phone."

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IGN N64 on Feb 12 '01

"Nintendo has snuck in a few minor alterations, but otherwise the screens are nearly identical. It's no doubt hard to mess with such a successful formula, so thankfully we won't be finding any fully..."

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IGN N64 on Apr 12 '01

"Dr. Mario 64 is more or less Nintendo's way of using Mario's name to sell a port of a very old game. This doctor's Ph.D. expired long ago."

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