Rare's take on Donkey Kong makes the leap to 3D with Donkey Kong 64. King K. Rool and his Kremling army are up to no good again, kidnapping 4 of DK's relatives and their Golden Bananas. Now DK must rescue his family members, thus unlocking the ability to use them as playable characters later! Explore all of DK Isles to uncover all of its wacky secrets.


  • Explore Donkey Kong's Isle while defeating enemies, founding Golden bananas, Banana Medals and Island charts.

  • Use brand new Weapons and Musical instruments: Coconut Gun, Peanut Pistol, Feather Bow, Saxophone, Drums and more.

  • Explore 8 different 3 dimensional stages and do over 5 quests in each one

Hardware Requirements

The Nintendo 64 Expansion Pack that much connect to the Nintendo 64 is required to play Donkey Kong 64. The Expansion Pack should come with the game

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Pretty much, at the time of this review (2013), it's more about nostalgia. It really is the top...


Released in 1999 by Rare, Donkey Kong 64 is a fine example of shitting all over a...

I hate the Tiny Kong race in Angry Aztec. I'm either not finishing with enough coins, or not finishing at all! DonkeyKong64 N64

Donkey Kong is that one name that manages to stick out amongst people, no matter who...

I have 201 gold bananna!!!!!!! DonkeyKong64 N64
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