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After a night of serious drinking, Conker has a massive hangover to deal with. It's your job to help this squirrel get to a soft bed for some needed R&R. Explore 3D levels, solve puzzles, play deathmatch games with up to 4 players, and generally cuss 'n fight your way through a bad fur day.


  • Adult game, combining 3-D exploration, combat, and puzzle-solving elements
  • Features plenty of needless swearing and senseless violence
  • Play as Conker in world of abusive paint pots, jabbering dung beetles, and trigger-happy, scar-faced Tediz
  • Contains cinematic cutscenes, movie parodies, facial expressions, and dozens of unhinged characters
  • 1- to 4-player deathmatch games in variety of styles

Editor's Note:

Conker's Bad Fur Day is rated "mature" which means it's suitable for immature adults.
Originally titled "Conker 64"
Recipient of an IGN.COM Editors' Choice Award.
Recipient of a DaGameBoyz.Com Player's Choice Award.

Added on: November 03, 2000

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*story mode only*

Meet Conker, King of all the land!


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I will never give up this game. ConkersBadFurDay N64
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