Chameleon Twist 2 Pro Reviews

Average Review Score: 5.5/10

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Chameleon Twist 2 Reviews

website score publish date
GameCenter 2/10 May 04 '99
GameSpot 4/10 May 10 '99
Hotgames 4/5 Nov 10 '00
IGN N64 6.1/10 Apr 28 '99
Total Games 75/100 Nov 10 '00
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GameCenter on Nov 10 '00

"The lack of a multiplayer option really puts the final nail in Chameleon Twist 2's coffin. Unless you see this game in a $10 discount bin, which probably won't be long from now, stick with Gex for..."

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GameSpot on Nov 10 '00

"If you really enjoyed the last CT, then rent this one, knowing full well what you're getting into. Otherwise, avoid it." "

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Hotgames on Nov 10 '00

"Watch out the Chameleon is back! Following on the trail of Chameleon Twist is the new and much improved sequel Chameleon Twist 2 no less." "

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IGN N64 on Nov 10 '00

"...your irritation countdown begins just a few minutes into the game." "

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Total Games on Nov 10 '00

"Though Chameleon Twist 2 might be a disappointment to most older games players who should finish it fairly quickly, it should make a very good game for younger N64 gamers." "

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