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You can play as one of four chameleons, who have been whisked away by a rabbit into a magical world. There are a total of 6 candy colored lands to explore. By mastering the use of your chameleon's strong tongue, you will aid your chameleon to defeat its enemies and get through tight spots.


  • An interesting gameplay method, where players must use the chameleon's tongue to complete levels.
  • Three forms of attacks: "Single Spit", "Shishkebab", and "Machine Gun".
  • Power-up items including different forms of invincibility.
  • Many additional mini games to complete.

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Game mechanics can be a pain in the ass. ChameleonTwist2 N64
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Simply one of the most creative games F1D0's ever seen. Every bit and part of every stage is gaurenteed to amaze you! ChameleonTwist2 N64
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