Castlevania: Legacy of Darkness GameShark Codes

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Assorted Gameshark Codes (N64) North America

Rose Garden Key 801cab660001

Thorn Key 801cab670001

Clocktower Key C 801cab680001

Clocktower Key D 801cab690001

Art Tower Key 1 801cab6a0001

Art Tower Key 2 801cab6b0001

Control Room Key 801cab6c0001

Wall Key 801cab6d0001

Clocktower Key E 801cab6e0001

Clocktower Key A 801cab6f0001

Clocktower Key B 801cab700001

Execution Key 801cab640001

Deck Key 801cab650001

Oldrey's Diary 801cab5a0001

Crest Half A 801cab5b0001

Crest Half B 801cab5c0001

Rose Brooch 801cab5d0001

Archives Key 801cab5e0001

Left Tower Key 801cab5f0001

Storeroom Key 801cab600001

Garden Key 801cab610001

Winch Lever 801cab590001

Powerup 801cab4f0001

The Contract 801cab540001

Magical Nitro 801cab550001

Mandragora 801cab560001

Sun Card 801cab570001

Moon Card 801cab580001

Infinite Gold 811cab422710

Special 1 801cab470001

Special 2 801cab480001

Special 3 801cab490001

Healing Kit 801cab4c0001

Purifying 801cab4d0001

Cure Ampoule 801cab4e0001

Infinite Health 811cab3a2710