The Human race was planted on Earth by aliens thousands of years ago as a food source. By 2016 AD, when Body Harvest commences, there is hardly anyone left for the aliens to devour. You must go back in time to take out the alien threat and save humanity.


  • Over 70 different types of aliens to overcome.
  • More than 60 vehicles to take pilot.
  • 8 different weapons to use.
  • Weapon Crystals and Alien Artifacts to collect in each level.

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Jul 28, 14 1:11pm
A game that i can call "scary moment of my childhood" :P BodyHarvest N64
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turtwig master
May 16, 09 12:38pm
i love this game! BodyHarvest N64
Oct 11, 04 8:20am
added a cheat
Feb 08, 04 12:21pm
added a cheat
Feb 01, 04 6:28am
added a cheat
Master of the VG
Sep 20, 03 7:36am
added 8 cheats
May 11, 02 5:04pm

The game had a good story line... The end was bad. But the last level game all gamers...

Apr 09, 02 2:23pm

I have spent countless hours on this game just driving around in all the different...

Nov 06, 00 9:27pm
added 6 new screenshots
nasty nappa
Nov 30, -1 12:00am
proberly up there with the most gripping fun awsomest games ive ever played BodyHarvest N64
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7.4 / 10
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