NFL Blitz 2001 Pro Reviews

Average Review Score: 7.2/10

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NFL Blitz 2001 Reviews

website score publish date article quality
GameCenter 6/10 Nov 21 '00
Games Radar UK  --- Nov 21 '00
GameSpot 8.4/10 Sep 25 '00
IGN N64 7.4/10 Sep 21 '00
Sports Gaming Network 70% Oct 23 '00
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NFL Blitz 2001 Previews

website publish date article rating
IGN N64 Sep 12 '00
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GameCenter on

"Like its predecessors, Blitz 2001 throws authenticity out the window. Hulking mountains of muscle collide in an outlandish affair that barely resembles the sport it portrays."

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Games Radar UK on

"You should know the drill by now: Company makes original sports game, addresses (some) problems and tweaks gameplay in sequel, and rehashes it all in the third year. That's the case with NFL Blitz..."

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GameSpot on

"...NFL Blitz 2001's most noticeable gameplay adjustments center on the areas of play calling and rushing. Even more so than in last year's Blitz, correct play choice is crucial."

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IGN N64 on

"While the single player experience rocks, multiplayer is where the Blitz series really shines. Nothing is more satisfying than slamming your best friend into the dirt, and then showing him you..."

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Sports Gaming Network on

"I see NFL Blitz as the ultimate "party" game. If you have a bunch of friends over for a party, I could see where a high scoring, easy-to-pick-up game like NFL Blitz would come in handy."

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