Beetle Adventure Racing Pro Reviews

Average Review Score: 9.5/10

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Beetle Adventure Racing Reviews

website score publish date
GameZilla  --- Apr 09 '99
Adrenaline Vault 5/5 Apr 06 '99
ConsoleDomain  --- Nov 03 '00
Gamefan 94/100 May 03 '99
Happy Puppy 9/10 Apr 23 '99
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Adrenaline Vault on Nov 03 '00

"Beetle Adventure Racing is one of the best racers I've ever played. Period." "

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ConsoleDomain on Nov 03 '00

"It shines a great quality and atmosphere that constantly impresses as I play." "

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Gamefan on Nov 03 '00

"When all is said and done, Beetle Adventure Racing is easily my favorite racer on the Nintendo 64 to date." "

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GameZilla on Nov 03 '00

"This has to be the best racer on the N64. I can't explain how much fun this game is. Sure, it sucks that you only race VWs, but you will get over that very quickly." "

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Happy Puppy on Nov 03 '00

"Overall, there is barely a loose gasket or leaky tire in Beetle Adventure." "

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