Banjo-Tooie GameShark Codes (N64)

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Enable Code Version 1.0 (N64) North America Master

Version 1.0

DE000400 0000 - Enable Code (Must be on)
8124C9D8 1700
81287BA4 1700
812D3DC0 1300

Enable Code Version 1.1 (N64) North America Master

Version 1.1

DE000400 0000 - Enable Code (Must Be On)
8124B728 1700
812864E4 1700
812D2E00 1300

Have most of the game finished (N64) North America

5000AC01 0000
80290000 00FF
8029002B 007F
80290063 00FB
80290073 005F
D1081084 0800
8112C770 8029
D1081084 0800
8112C772 0000

Start a new game,when you appear in Spiral Mountain press Top D-Pad. Go to the menu and you will notice all eggs, all moves are available. All the jiggies have been collected. Simply Save and Restart.