Banjo-Kazooie GameShark Codes

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Master Code (Must Be On!) (N64) North America Master

DE000400 0000
8124C9D8 1700
81287BA4 1700
812D3DC0 1300

Do A Mega Jump (N64) North America

Do A Mega Jump which will make you jump extremely far
80038A8C 0063

Honeycomb Modifier (N64) North America

Honeycomb Modifier
80385F87 000X

Put in a number from 1-8 in place for 'X' to determine how many Honeycombs you will have in the game.

Have Invisible Swamp Boots On (N64) North America

Have Invisible Swamp Boots On
8137D468 5019

Time Always 0:00:08 (N64) North America

Time Always 0:00:08
81386004 4100

Invisible Mode (N64) North America

Play Invisibly
8133AAAD 64DD

Infinite Lives (N64) North America

Infinite Lives
80385F8B 0009

Always Have 97 Red Feathers (N64) North America

Always have 97 red feathers
80385F6F 0061

Always Have All Jingos (N64) North America

Always Have The Yellow Jingo
80385F7B 0010

Always Have The Pink Jingo
80385F7B 0077

Always Have The Blue & Green Jingos
80385F7B 0063

Infinite Feathers (N64) North America

Infinite Gold Feathers
80385F70 0010

Infinite Red Feathers
80385F6E 0077