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Animal Forest is a "communication game" in which your character works to earn money for food, clothes, furniture and a house. Interact with other animals, such as a raccoon real-estate agent, a pelican postman and a canine policeman. A built in clock parallels the real world, and seasons and time of day both affect gameplay. There are also hidden SNES classics for the retro fan.


  • The choice of decorating your own house.
  • Foreign animal neighbors to interact with.
  • Many realistic activities for players to take part in.
  • Classic NES games you can play as you progress through the game.
Feb 25, 15 12:21pm
This was my GAME as a kid. AnimalCrossing GC
Jul 23, 12 9:20pm
fun and creative! i miss some elements that they took out in later games... AnimalCrossing GC
Jun 12, 12 4:06pm
great game AnimalCrossing GC
nasty nappa
Jun 18, 11 4:57am
the most addictive game ever this is proberly the most fun game ive played in my life AnimalCrossing GC
Dec 29, 10 2:57am
Not as great as the DS, but it's up there! AnimalCrossing GC
Nov 12, 10 5:18pm
added 3 new concept art
Jul 25, 10 11:49pm
Meh. Played it a lot as a kid but used tons of glitches, guides, and cheats. Never got far, but it wasn't a bad time-killer. DoubutsuNoMoriImport N64
Party Pooper
May 12, 10 12:09pm
ultra fun! my fav out of all the ac series DoubutsuNoMoriImport N64
May 09, 10 8:17am
This game is MUCH simpiler than the DS version, and easier to complete. Instead, every player gets their own house. DoubutsuNoMoriImport N64
Dec 16, 09 6:59pm
very first game ever DoubutsuNoMoriImport N64
Dec 02, 09 2:11pm
I don't really like this game very much DoubutsuNoMoriImport N64
Nov 21, 09 5:37pm
Hardly ever play it. It's boring. DoubutsuNoMoriImport N64
Nov 20, 09 7:15pm
Perfect town All items DoubutsuNoMoriImport N64
Oct 01, 09 12:21pm
Same. DoubutsuNoMoriImport N64
Sep 29, 09 8:24pm
cheats talk to tom nook and say...aPShDyYoe685afcA1kwcRCmqi3 DoubutsuNoMoriImport N64
superpikmin101 played Doubutsu no Mori (Import)
Aug 08, 09 11:41am
added 2 new screenshots
stevo the odd
Aug 02, 09 3:35pm
fun long and after a while monotonous DoubutsuNoMoriImport N64
Jul 30, 09 2:03pm
OMFG, I was SOOO addicted to this game for months! I wrote something very bad about Tom Nook, and he yelled at me. DoubutsuNoMoriImport N64
Jul 16, 09 8:28am
Pwnage. DoubutsuNoMoriImport N64
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