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Animal Forest is a "communication game" in which your character works to earn money for food, clothes, furniture and a house. Interact with other animals, such as a raccoon real-estate agent, a pelican postman and a canine policeman. A built in clock parallels the real world, and seasons and time of day both affect gameplay. There are also hidden SNES classics for the retro fan.


  • The choice of decorating your own house.
  • Foreign animal neighbors to interact with.
  • Many realistic activities for players to take part in.
  • Classic NES games you can play as you progress through the game.
This was my GAME as a kid. AnimalCrossing GC
fun and creative! i miss some elements that they took out in later games... AnimalCrossing GC
the most addictive game ever this is proberly the most fun game ive played in my life AnimalCrossing GC
Not as great as the DS, but it's up there! AnimalCrossing GC
Meh. Played it a lot as a kid but used tons of glitches, guides, and cheats. Never got far, but it wasn't a bad time-killer. DoubutsuNoMoriImport N64
ultra fun! my fav out of all the ac series DoubutsuNoMoriImport N64
This game is MUCH simpiler than the DS version, and easier to complete. Instead, every player gets their own house. DoubutsuNoMoriImport N64
I don't really like this game very much DoubutsuNoMoriImport N64
Hardly ever play it. It's boring. DoubutsuNoMoriImport N64
cheats talk to tom nook and say...aPShDyYoe685afcA1kwcRCmqi3 DoubutsuNoMoriImport N64
superpikmin101 played Doubutsu no Mori (Import)
fun long and after a while monotonous DoubutsuNoMoriImport N64
OMFG, I was SOOO addicted to this game for months! I wrote something very bad about Tom Nook, and he yelled at me. DoubutsuNoMoriImport N64
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9.3 / 10
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