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With 3D backgrounds, try out your combo attacks in this fighting game for the N64. Fighters can be tossed off the stage, and advanced algorithms mean you can create many thousands of combos. Try moves like manual doubles, pressure moves, throws and finishers.


Select from over 15 different characters to fight with, each with all sorts of combos, strategies, tactics, and weaknesses. Then brawl with your opponent in a bloody battle to the death. Use the unique skills of your character to advance through the ranks and fight more tougher opponents than the last. Play with a friend to have a more challenging opponent and more enjoyment.

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Companies don't often announce when they've renewed trademarks, but that's exactly what Microsoft did concerning... posted Sep 17, 12 3:24pm


Although the title suggests otherwise, this game is mainly a port of the arcade title...


This game is certainly worth buying at eBay or Amozon!Ceainly good worth 15 out of...


This was a good fighting game on the n64 but too bad it was 2D ...


I think and beleive that this is the best fighting game on the 64. Its just a regular...

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