Star Wars: Episode I Racer Own / Want List

Username Comments
wedge55 None
Master of the VG None
Tempest None
Chobi None
Laura J None
Lightice jank
chrisdoyle None
Bakuaru Lord None
yugiRULER None
playstation power99 none
DTX d('.')b
AngelAyla None
Chronoboy None
omegamustard None
FlyingJesus None
Terranigma Fan A great racing game for the N64
Joshua Mackley None
gerard way owns you One of the best games I have ever played. Racing is fun, tricking out pods is even better, and there are so many unlockables. I'm still trying to get Sebulba!
ticklemonster None
lowgravity65 ***
carstoday None
M3tal H3ad None
AR Code None
a_k_4t_7 None
Eskimo None
Trogdor_002 None
mgsmystfan1 None
DeDeDe1310 None
MarioGamer None
Ktanaqui A lot of fun to race on.
PS2USER_94 None
RichKid24 Really fun I havent played for 3 years though since its at my grandparents
ExpertPlayer None
sleepingangel666 None
Jaysun None
swb1998 None
izaname_kamui None
galacticboy2009 None
steely888 None
Zudeo None
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muthsera666 None
Pikachu Ninja None
dinamonster None
Soquid Snake None
Snowbear None
Soldierboy308 None
Zennor None
ramzaboulve None