Episode I Racer GameShark Codes (N64)

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Enable Cheat Menu (N64) North America Master

8009B7D7 0001 - Enable Cheat Menu For The Game

Pod Modifier (N64) North America

801788AA 00XX - Pod Modifier

Replace XX with:
00 Anakin Skywalker
01 Teemto Pagalies
02 Sebulba
03 Ratts Tyerell
04 Aldar Beedo
05 Mawhonic
06 Ark "Bumpy" Roose
07 Wan Sandage
08 Mars Guo
09 Ebe Endicott
0A Dud Bolt
0B Gasgano
0C Clegg Holdfast
0D Elan Mak
0E Neva Kee
0F Bozzie Baranta
10 Boles Roor
11 Ody Mandrell
12 Fud Sang
13 Ben Quadinaros
14 Slide Paramita
15 Toy Dampner
16 "Bullseye" Navoir

P1 & P2 Lap Modifier (N64) North America

D011900B 0000 - Start On Lap Modifier P1
8111900A 00xx

8111900A 00xx - Always On Lap Modifier P1

D0119093 0000 - Start On Lap Modifier P2
81119092 00xx

81119092 00xx - Always On Lap Modifier P2

Replace xx with:
00 Lap 1
01 Lap 2
02 Lap 3
03 Lap 4
04 Lap 5

2 Player Co-op Mode (N64) North America

801788A8 0002 - 2 Player Co-op Mode

Start 1P mode. Have both characters pick their players, then both of
you can work on P1's save. Some interesting things about this are: It
runs perfectly with 2 players and 10 other racers. Why did they cut it to
6 other racers for the real 2P mode? If you go to the Parts Shop or
Junkyard, it will show both of your characters walking around and
choosing parts, and in the Junkyard, they are never in the same place, so
it seems LucasArts might have programmed it this way...? If you change
the quantifier to 4, it will let 4 people select characters, but the screen
will not split for 4 people correctly.

P1 & P2 Always First Place & Low Timer (N64) North America

80118FED 0001 - Always Place 1st P1
81119004 3F80 - Low Timer P1
80119075 0001 - Always Place 1st P2
8111908C 3F80 - Low Timer P2

All Characters (N64) North America

81113E74 007D - Have All Characters
81113E76 FFFF

Infinite Trugets (N64) North America

81113E78 7FFF - Infinite Trugets
81113E7A FFFF

Have All Tracks (N64) North America

81113E68 FFFF - Have All Tracks
81113E6A FFFF

Random Powers (N64) North America

81217BEC 4120 - Random Powers
8121F78C 4120
81217BF0 44FA
8121B9C0 44FA
81223560 44FA
81217BF4 447A
81217BF8 447A
8121F794 447A
8121F798 447A

Super Air Brakes & Traction (N64) North America

80119819 00FF - Super Air Brakes
80119859 00FF - Super Traction