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With a mix of snowbound racing and sports action, 1080° Snowboarding involves rushing down six downhill courses as you perform tricks and moves that gain you bonus points and allow you to show how well your skills are. You can create complex move combos by stringing your manuevers together in the trick system.


  • Six large, snow-covered courses.
  • Eight playable characters.
  • Licensed Lamar boards.
  • A fun, two-player challenge mode.

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this is freakin awesome! get it, its cheap and underrated 1080oSnowboarding N64
Challenging yet rewarding. The best snowboarding game on the N64. 1080oSnowboarding N64

As the first snowboarding game I have ever played I would have to say this is one of...


Graphics: Good-looking backrounds and characters, nice animation, great background,...


- First Snowboarding Game ever
- Was very fun fun to play with at the time when there...


This game right here is what started snowboarding games. It has tons of replay value...


It's a snowboarding game, it's pretty okay, but decide for yourself if it's really...


This is an ok game to play. I really wouldn't recommend getting this game. Its an old...


Overall, I'd say this is an ok game, You should rent it first, then buy it if you...

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