As you walk down the street you look around cautiously, scouting for a mugger, a thief or just your everyday killer. You open the front door to your condo, step in, and deactivate your burglar alarm. You lay your new Glock 18 on the table, hopefully it should keep you alive a little longer! What's next on the list, Rob a bank? Train in the gym? Try your luck in the casino? Shoplift a chocolate bar? Sign up to the army? Or maybe even start your own terrorist faction! The list of choices is unlimited!


Torn City is a massive online text based Role Playing Game which allows you to travel around the virtual world of Torn City by clicking on links. The aim of the game is to make yourself the strongest and richest player around. The possibilities in this game are limitless as you can choose to start up your own terrorist faction to make strong alliances and rule the city as a group or try to stay in the dark and strike when it is least expected.

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