: : : : : Tomb Raider: Unfinished Business


Lara Croft comes back in Egypt and in the Lost City of Atlantis for finishing her business, started in the original Tomb Raider. So expect more traps, more reflexive passages and be prepared to fight again some creatures from Tomb Raider: mummies, panthers or creatures from Atlantis! Tomb Raider Unfinished Business is also providing the original game and goodies.


  • Included: 4 new levels never seen before and the original game
  • Some goodies like a screensaver, a wallpaper and a calendar (1998)
  • Over 5,000 frames of animation on the main character, Lara, alone
  • Unique multi-target acquisition system
  • State of the art intelligent third person perspective cinematic camera system

Hardware Requirements

    <li type="square">80 MHz PowerPC
    <li type="square">MacOS 7.5.3
    <li type="square">16MB RAM hard disk and color monitor
    <li type="square">4x CD-ROM
    <li type="square">Quicktime 3.0 (included on CD)
Sep 23, 10 5:45pm
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