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The Sims 2 Seasons builds on the celebrated The Sims 2 experience that allows players to create and control virtual characters throughout their lives while determining the outcome of their relationships and choosing their destiny. And because each season unfolds differently, players are guaranteed a fresh experience year after year!


  • Dramatic and Detailed Weather Effects - A brand-new visual experience has come to the world of The Sims 2. Now your Sims can experience snowstorms, thundershowers, lightning bolts, and deadly hailstones. All four seasons are spectacularly rendered to occu
  • Benefit from Each Season - Seasons impact your Sims' relationships, moods, wants, and fears.
  • Share New activities - New ways for your Sims, their families, and friends to have fun together! Build snowmen, splash in the pool, play catch, and go ice skating
  • Reap the Fruits of Your Sims' Labors - Harvest fruits and veggies all year round and blend love potions, energy drinks, health boosters, and more

Hardware Requirements

    <li style="list-style: none">
    <li type="square">Operating System: Mac OS X 10.3.9
    <li style="list-style: none">
    <li type="square">CPU Processor: PowerPC G4/G5 or Intel
    <li style="list-style: none">
    <li type="square">CPU Speed: 1.4GHz
    <li style="list-style: none">
    <li type="square">Memory: 256 MB or higher (512 MB recommended)
    <li style="list-style: none">
    <li type="square">Hard Disk Space: 2 GB free disk space
    <li style="list-style: none">
    <li type="square">Video Card (ATI): Radeon 9600
    <li style="list-style: none">
    <li type="square">Video Card (NVidia): GeForce FX5200
    <li style="list-style: none">
    <li type="square">Video Memory (VRam): 64 MB (128 MB recommended)
    <li style="list-style: none">
    <li type="square">Media Required: DVD-ROM <li style="list-style: none">

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Jul 12, 11 6:05am
I just bought the game i havnt played it yet though TheSims2Seasons PC
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Mar 18, 09 5:10am
Gotta love the Sims. ^^ TheSims2Seasons PC
Feb 24, 09 2:10pm
It's cool when the seasons change. TheSims2Seasons PC
Jan 04, 09 3:22pm
I want this game! TheSims2Seasons PC
Dec 07, 08 11:30am
Aug 20, 08 6:36am
This is a great game. TheSims2Seasons PC
Aug 04, 08 5:05am
not for sale TheSims2Seasons PC
Aug 04, 08 5:05am
not for sale TheSims2Seasons PC
Jun 27, 08 7:09am
It changes seasons TheSims2Seasons PC
Jun 17, 08 12:45am
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