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The Darkness II is the sequel to the first-person shooter based on Top Cow's comic book franchise. Players resume the role of Mafia hitman Jackie Estacado, who becomes the host of the primal force known as the Darkness after the events of the first game. Now Don of the Franchetti crime family, Jackie struggles to overcome both the loss of his girlfriend's death after successfully killing her murders, as well as containing the dangerous powers of the Darkness. Now the Darkness threatens to consume Jackie after an attempt on his life heralds a full-scale mob war.

In The Darkness II, players now have ability to utilize the powers of the Darkness to manifest a pair of "tendrils" which essentialy serve as another pair of arms for Jackie which can used in a variety of ways. The game refers to this as "quad wielding", and players can help Jackie's powers grow by gaining Essence used to purchase in-game upgrades. However, like in the first game Jackie loses all his Darkness powers when exposed to light, forcing players to find ways to create shadow to maximize his abilities in dangerous situations.

The game's script was written by Paul Jenkins, who had previous experiencing working on The Darkness comic book series.

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